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April 2022

One Digital Platform for European Retail

Brands, Stores

  • Online Competition Monitoring
  • New stores openings and closings
  • Finding the most suitable mall for your store
  • Gap Analysis
  • Geographical Analysis


  • Finding new tenants
  • Online information on new brands and stores
  • Gap Analysis
  • Checking and updating the mall‘s website
  • Free webdesign for small malls

Consultants, Agents, Investors

  • Monitoring of the changes in the tenant structure of the malls
  • Behavior of stores and brands in individual markets
  • Gap Analysis
  • Geographical Analysis
  • Monitoring of 1 300 global brands

We are creating a single digitally connected platform for all shopping malls in Europe. Use Shopingy Mall Analyser and make your retail decisions based on up-to-date data.

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May 2022

Top 20 store openings to watch

Who determines the retail market? Who opens where? In a highly competitive sector such as retail, knowing market trends and customer preferences is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, ACROSS Magazine & Shopingy Mall Analyser are jointly preparing a unique monthly overview of top 20 store openings to watch - follow us on regular basis.

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