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  1. Are you a retail professional?
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Online Tenants Movement Monitor in European Shopping Malls

What is Shopingy Mall Analyser?

Live Retail Database

Using specially developed algorithms, we update the tenants’ structure of each shopping center on a monthly basis, we record and save all changes. The Live Retail Database is the only system that monitors information on closed and newly opened retail units. This creates a unique history of the behavior of brands and stores in the monitored markets.

Gap Analysis Machine

The laborious manual comparison of shopping centers, stores and brands is now a matter of the past. The unique data-linked database allows gap analysis of any number of centers. Simply select the appropriate centers and press the Click & Compare button and get the detailed comparsion of it's stores and brands. What took hours of work is a matter of tens of seconds thanks to Gap Analysis Machine.

Heat Map Creator

Heat Map Creator allows you to create maps according to your individual filtering. You can apply any number of selections into one map and you will find out at a glance in which geographical part of the market your competition is better off than you and vice versa. Compare any stores, brands and shopping centers.

Retail Brands Monitor

At this moment we follow a total of 1 330 Brands (monitoring over 120 000 individual stores) from all areas of retail: fashion, sports, shoes, restaurants and the number is constantly increasing. Thanks to our careful and detailed cataloguing of individual stores, you will immediately find out the representation of individual brands in both monobrand and multibrand stores.

Germany 854 malls
Austria 188 malls
Czech Republic 248 malls
Slovakia 100 malls
Switzerland 285 malls
European Outlets206 malls
584 malls
ItalyComing soon

One European Platform

We are creating a single digitally connected platform for all shopping centers in Europe. Use Shopingy Mall Analyser and make your retail decisions based on up-to-date data.

Shopingy Mall Analyser in Numbers

2 260
Shopping Malls
100 000
1 330
1 200

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